My teaching is inspired by the world renowned childcare centres in Reggio Emilia Italy, where children are viewed as powerful, competent, and resourceful learners. I believe that children learn in many different ways; Reggio calls this, "One Hundred Languages of Children". When you use many forms of expression such as movement, drawing, clay, painting, drama, building, and storytelling, the children become confident in their world. This confidence translates into children that are successful and happy lifelong learners.


The Kids' Country Club is a nature preschool and a large part of each day is spent outside. Through nature-based curriculum, children learn with all their senses and build a lasting connection with nature. Physical, social, emotional, cognitive and creative skills will blossom in these formative years as they play in the forest, meadows and woods, as they dig in the dirt, explore puddles, streams and ponds, hunt for worms, bugs, investigate plants, trees and animals and simply fall in love with nature. Each year is different, according to the children’s interests, curiosity, and energy!

"This is their place to explore, to create, to wonder, to ask questions, to seek answers, to grow, to learn, to laugh, to cry, to experiment, to get messy, to sing, to shout, to problem solve, to take risks, to form friendships and to PLAY!"
~ Ingrid