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The Joy Of Nature



Evidence from around the world shows that playing and learning in nature can make us happier, healthier and smarter.

  • Foster creativity, imagination & teamwork

  • Calm kids down (shown significant results in those with ADHD)

  • Improve motor skills, balance & coordination

  • Strengthen immune systems

  • Provide recommended doses of vitamin D

  • Teach kids to love & take care of their world around them


Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from
Nature-Deficit Disorder


Outdoor learning is treasured now more than ever with all the ongoing challenges due to Covid-19, and outside is truely the best place to be.

Nothing beats nature! The natural world is a giant ever-changing open-ended learning laboratory full of 3-D sights, sounds, scents & textures providing countless opportunities for imaginative play, discovery, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and being outside feels SO GOOD! These rich and authentic experiences stay with the children always.


Fresh air, open space, blue sky and sunshine; nature is our sensory rich, healing classroom. Add a small pod of friends + a few frogs + lots of learning and fun = a Forest Fun Day to treasure FOREVER!


In the Woods I Can Be....jpg
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